Project USHer


Evaluating the Universal Value of the Submerged Heritage of the Baltic Sea

The main aim of the project USHer is to strengthen cooperation when it comes to raising public awareness of the environment of the Baltic Sea, its unique underwater cultural heritage and good preservation conditions. We are convinced that the submerged cultural heritage of the Baltic Sea is a potential candidate for the World Heritage List.


All Baltic Sea countries are involved in the project through the Baltic Sea Region Working Group on Underwater Cultural Heritage (see which is initiated by the Monitoring Group that is a CBSS intergovernmental thematic working group on cultural heritage.


The activities are divided between 3 work packages (WP), each partner is responsible for one WP:

1)      Developing the value criteria

2)      Developing the activity plan

3)      Mapping activities and preparing an EU BSR Strategy (EUBSRS) flagship project



There are many well preserved wrecks of sailing ships found in the Baltic Sea from different centuries which represent a unique source material not only in the context of Europe but the whole world. The bow part of an approximately 400-year-old wreck is displayed on the image. Photo: Estonian National Heritage Board/ SubZone Oy 2014.


The Council of the Baltic Sea States (CBSS)  Project Support Facility  (


Duration:  21 months, 01.09.2014. – 31.05.2016.

Lead partner:

Estonian National Heritage Board

Contact person: Maili Roio

Other partners: 

National Maritime Museum, Poland

Conatct person: Iwona Pomian


Swedish National Maritime Museums

Contact person: Nina Eklöf