Register on stolen national monuments in Estonia now available in English

Dec 10,      

You can find now a register ( in English on National Heritage Borad website with a list of stolen national monuments in Estonia together with 640 photos.


This register has so far been open only to officials but is now accesible for everyone and also in English. .


When you click on the selected national monument, you will find a descripiton and further information on the monument. Inquiries can be made according to the name of the local municipality or the time of theft. Time of theft is registered either by specific date, last date of the time periood or last day of the year. As most of the thefts have been committed in sacral buildings, it is not always possible to specify the date more exactly than the year. Most of the descriptions of stolen national monuments also have a photo attached. If some are marked with „Foto puudub“, it means that there is no photo availbale in our archive. The register is opeartively renewed. Meaning that as soon as an item finds it way back to its rightful owner, it is taken down from the list of stolen national monuments.

All the data on stolen national monuments (around 14 000 entries) was reviewed and translated before making the register public.


First entries of thefts date back to 1970s, larger waves of theft hit the churches in the beginning of 1990s, 1999 and 2006/2007. A lot of orthodox icons have been stolen,  also silverware from lutheran churches and especially many candlesticks. The list even includes a few tower clocks.

The register on stolen national monuments enables one to check the origin of an item and determine its rightful owner. The list is a good source of information for Police and Border Guard Board, Tax and Customs Board but also for antiquarians and collectors.

National Heritage Board of Estonia invites everyone to familiarize themselves with the register and in case you recognize or have any information on the listed stolen national monuements, please do let us know on our e-mail


List on stolen national monuments



On the picture:

Silver baptism pelvis from the church of Põlva. Silver, 1873 (Reg. no 5605)

Ø 31 cm, bottom Ø 7 cm, height 6, 2 cm

Photo: V.Ahonen. 1996.